How to Download

The following is how to download all types of files on the site. I made this method to make it easier for visitors so that they are not wrong and wrong. Instead of wanting to download A, what happens is downloading B. That's what often happens if we don't know how. If on this website you are still safe even if you dial it wrong. God willing, there will be no viruses that can damage your device, because most of them only contain advertisements. Even so, I also don't want you to be confused because of this.

For that, follow these steps carefully:
1. Select a download button ( Green  or  Blue )

2. Press "Double Click to Download" button

3. Wait for loading about 10 seconds

4. Click "DOWNLOAD" button

5. The next step is depend on your screen display
  • If it is like Picture 6.1, click Chrome (Browser)
    Picture 6.1

  • If it is like Picture 6.2, click Tetap Download
    Picture 6.2

  • If it is like Picture 6.3, click Oke
    Picture 6.3

  • If it is like Picture 6.4, click Download
    Picture 6.4 (Mobile)

    Picture 6.4 (PC)

7. Wait a few moments until the download is complete.

8. After finish, install it as usual by clicking the file and accept all permissions.